Stardew Collector’s Edition

There should be no shock that I bought Fangamer’s Stardew Valley Collector’s Edition. I currently own the game on almost every platform, and have poured hundreds of hours into the game. It is, as you may know, one of my favorite games of all time. So, when Fangamer announced, with ConcernedApe, that they were releasing a collectors edition for the Switch…I knew I had to get it.

The Contents

Starting off, the Collector’s Edition is available for both the PC and the Nintendo Switch, appropriately priced at $72 (PC is $69). To most people, it may seem crazy to spend $72 dollars on a game that normally cost $15 (or less when on sale). However, this Collector’s Edition is not meant for the casual Stardew fan; it is for the crazy people like me who eat, sleep, and breath the game. Thankfully, Fangamer has made it possible to simply just purchase the physical edition of this game for both PC($29) and Switch($34).

So what does the $72 give you?

  1. Collector’s Box
  2. Wooden Standee
  3. Wooden Lapel Pin
  4. Junimo Comic
  5. Farm Deed
  6. Clean Cloth
  7. Physical Game and Case

How Is It?

After opening the Collector’s Box, which has killer artwork on it, you are presented with the physical copy of the game (which includes an actual manual, something you don’t see anymore with actual helpful information). But the exciting stuff is behind the insert holding the game.

The Farm Deed is printed on some high quality stationary/card stock that I almost do not want to touch to save its condition. The Wooden Lapel Pin, Junimo comic, and cleaning cloth all seem to be made of high quality material. The design and artwork on everything is nothing short of fine pixel art, but my favorite piece of this is the wooden standee.

It is made of high quality pine wood, and comes with a protective lay on both sides of every piece. When put together, it looks absolutely gorgeous. ConcernedApe has always done a fantastic job with Stardew Valley, and I love the collaborations he is partaking in, and hope he continues to be active with his community. I am so excited to happily place this on my shelf, along with all the contents that come with it.

There is a BOARD GAME?

Yes, there is! It was earlier this year, shortly after the 1.5 update released on consoles, that ConcernedApe dropped a bomb shell. The Stardew Valley Board Game was available for purchase through the game’s website. At the time, I was purchasing the Collectors Edition so I could not get both, which is a shame because the board game sold out like hot cakes. Luckily, ConcernedApe already announced a new printing was already underway and fans would be able to buy more in the future. You can check it out here, or simply google it to find so many raving reviews of how well put together the game is.

What is next?

I have some purchases lined up that I am excited to share with everyone, including some posts on some common repairs that can be done to older gaming consoles and handhelds. I should be posting these within the next few weeks. Until next time!